"She Came from the Woods" Updates
Our short horror film is making major progress very quickly on the film festival circuit! 

​We have won "Best Film" in our category at FIVE festivals, most recently at The Chandler International Film Festival  and a variety of other awards.

"In a subtly virtuoso performance, Kristen Anne Ferraro became a 12-year old boy for the night and delivered Jason flawlessly"

 - Review of "Falsettoland" by Clark Gesner, Composer and Lyricist of

   the Broadway musical "You're a Good Man Charlie Brown"

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I am a professional actress, singer

and creative.​ 

At this time I am pursuing new opportunities in Film, TV and Theatre on a full-time basis. I am also seeking representation.

I am lucky enough to be able travel anywhere for work!

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With a Developed Imagination There's No Place You Can't Go...

~Sanford Meisner

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